King Tut: Still a Mystery!

October 3, 2008

By:Ashley F. & Debbie B

On this page you will become educated, but just about the world known King Tutankhamen also known as King Tut You might have herd of him bout don’t know much about him, but on this page you will learn a lot more.  He lived during the time period of (1341 B.C-1323 B.C.).  His name Tutankhamen means “Living Image of Amun. King Tut was an Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. He ruled from the year1333-1324. B.C., at the time of the New Kingdom cam into existence.  He later was murder in the year 1323 B.C, by being struck in the skull wit a sharp object.  His death is known to be this way, because of the researcher Howard Carter in 1922. He finding was worldwide press coverage, it brought people to want to now more about ancient Egypt. Since this tomb a Kit Tut has been discover it has helped may people in retested in Egypt and the ancient civilization! Now that you have read this article on Kit Tut you have jus been educated.


Engineering an Empire

By: Debbie Barcenas and Ashley Fyfe

In the video from History channel, engineering and Empire, it talked about how early Egyptians built their first empires. So forth, it all had started 5,000 years ago, where the first built stone monolith was constructed. Furthermore in 3,000 BC in early Sumer, Menes built an empire with a dam surrounding it, in case of floods. He then later died from a hippopotamus attack while hunting.  In his Empire were man made canals and harbors; which were made to irrigate other lands and to control river flow. Moving along to Sakara, he was one of the best proportionate architect or builder of temples. Moreover, the first stone pyramid was built in 2667 BC by Jossers, were about 10,000 workers were used to build the pyramid and were compensated with beer as food.